About Driftwood Aquarium Furniture

There are a lot of companies large and small that build aquarium stands and canopies. Unfortunately, there are very few that actually understand what it takes to design and build a piece of furniture that is both convenient and user friendly for the Aquarist.

Many of our employees and both of our designers have maintained both fresh and salt water aquariums. We have designed our pieces to be the easiest most functional to use.

If you look at what else is out there you will find 6' and larger stands with only 2 doors which makes getting into the sump and other equipment a real issue. Canopy's with small doors on top that require you take the canopy off in order to do maintenance.

As aquarium keepers we understand what makes for the most user friendly and the easiest access options. As a result, we design and build as we would want, for ease of use.

You will notice wide open spaces under the stand for the ability to use the largest sumps possible. As well as the most access to your equipment. The canopies are designed with full flip open fronts to give you room to do maintenance without removing the canopy.

Material incorporated in the stands and canopies are of the upmost quality. The side panels are fabricated out of the finest Gold plys. All doors and panels are out of solid wood. As are all the moldings. The deck and top of the stand are the highest quality melamine. The finishes used are catalyzed conversion varnishes for the best protection of damage from the chemicals used in modern day aquarium keeping.

All larger stands are constructed with an internal frame. Designed to not only support the weight and keep it square but to give you peace of mind should you have a leak. We have witnessed several tanks that have leaked and suffered serious loss of water. A couple over many days, as the top off kept supplying water to the tank. All of these proud owners came home to find their tanks standing. While the outer moldings have suffered water damage the frames held and a much worse disaster was avoided. Some were repaired and returned to like new condition and some were replaced.

We do not use nominal lumber for these frames. Nominal lumber can warp and twist over time risking blowing out a panel on your tank. We use a marine ply, engineered structural panel for the framing in the stands. This makes for a much stronger frame without the issues of nominal lumber.

We have been shipping all across the country for 5 years now. With only 1 damaged in shipping.

For the upmost in design, quality of material and fabrication. Give us the opportunity to quote you the furniture of your dreams. After all, why would you invest a ton of money on glass, equipment, corals and fish? And have it sitting on something that looks like it came from a big box store and may or may not be safe?

We appreciate you reviewing this information. When you want the best for your "Wet Pets" DriftWood is there.

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