My 120 gallon stand is almost 10 years old. Still as beautiful as the day I got it.

~Arthur Miller

I have two Driftwood stands. Both highly customized. I had my 6' ft stand made with a custom removable bar and custom height to achieve the look I was going for. I love it. Couldn't ask for more. Both stands look amazing, great construction and finish and highly functional. I highly recommend driftwood to anyone! It's not a stand it's furniture!

~Jon Dinchak

Love your stuff ,if u want a stand built call them it will be built by a man who is into the fish world, he built me a 35 hex stand, and it is perfect, cause when u get your stand it Will be perfect and no issues with things like should have done this.

~David Conklin

I needed a custom stand for a 150 gallon saltwater aquarium that would match our kitchen cabinetry so I asked if Richin's Carpentry could do it and they matched our cabinets perfectly. The quality of the stand and canopy are unmatched and I would never hesitate to have Richin's Carpentry do more work for me if I needed it.

~ Anne Alldredge

I had Dion create a custom 85 Gallon salt water reef tank stand for us, made out of Oak, it is amazing and was some of the highest quality I have ever seen.

~ Brian Beck

I have been using Dion's Company to build aquarium stands for my clients for the last 5 years. They are absolutely amazing in quality and workmanship! Dion can't e beat in aquarium furniture!!

~Skyler Nielson Owner Reef Legends

Best built and amazing designs!

~George Coleman

Does great work, this is why my company uses them.

~ Eric Davis owner of Aquarium Creations

Dion built my stand and canopy for my 400 gallon. The quality if very high and the best part of having him build your tank is that he's in the hobby and he knows what we want in our stands. I highly recommend!

~ Aaron Wernli

We don't have words to describe how Beautiful and well crafted each one of these are! Definitely worth every penny and will make our tanks look even better with your cabinetry! We can't wait to order more!!!

~Austin J. Owner JKS Aquatics

Without their knowledge and experience, the stand I needed wouldn't have fit through my front door. Driftwood Aquarium Furniture is built by experienced people who know how to build functionality combined with the highest quality. Don't buy a generic looking stand or canopy where you will end up worrying about the strength and integrity of the materials or staring at a metal frame. My Driftwood Aquarium Furniture stand and canopy make my tank look better than it really is, and most importantly it fit through my front door. 

~Landon Daly

I love my custom driftwood stand and will never get a stand anywhere else. Looks awesome, cleans easy, and is functional!

~Mikenly Hogester

Dion does absolutely phenomenal work. I have previously purchased a cabinet and canopy for an aquarium project and could not have been more impressed with the quality and craftsmanship. And, as an added benefit, his prices were reasonable when compared to products of similar quality. I have recommended Dion to friends and colleagues previously and will continue to do so.

~Steven Pro

Dion, Has done a great job for my company. He has built several custom aquarium cabinets for us. Every clientele that has received a cabinet from him has been blown away by his quality. We continue to use Richins Carpentry because of the results, timely manner, integrity and his creativity to create a unique master piece.

~SN Owner Exoctic Reefs

Dion has done some amazing work... most of what I have seen was at aquatic dreams. Some really nice tank stands

~Brandon Mills Owner Prophase Design

The cabinet they built to match my kitchen cabinets turned out amazing. The quality was excellent and the design was the was we wanted and specified. The price was very reasonable and I would highly recommend them on building any aquarium furniture. The wife is very happy so I’m very happy.

                                                                                                                                                                  Marcus Oghigian

The stand you sent us was absolutely stunning!! Thank you  for all your help and the beautiful work you guys do!! Look forward to doing more business with you!! Stay well!!

Deb Cheney
NEAquarium Services

Beautiful tank cabinets, definitely you can see the passion for this hobby, we recommended DrifftWood Aquarium Furniture. God test for beauty.

Fabio S.